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I wanted to post real quickly about Xandem security sensors, a different type of security system.  It’s quite interesting in that, unlike traditional motion detectors, it creates a ‘web’ throughout your home that can detect motion anywhere, and track the movement through that ‘web’.  No more plugging and playing trying to find the best locations for your motion detectors.

We’ll have a full review soon, but here are some quick details:

Xandem’s powerful new technology detects and locates people. Applications include security, automation, elder care, and more.  It works by surrounding an area with small devices called “nodes.” The nodes are small, easy to install, and can be completely hidden. The nodes form a sensing web that covers the entire area, even through walls and furniture. When a person moves, their body disrupts the links that cross through the area. Xandem’s algorithms process the link disruptions to detect and locate the person.


Xandem security sensors Tomographic Motion Detection (TMD) is a powerful system that covers large areas, remains hidden, detects through walls and furniture, and is easily integrated into standard security and lighting panels.


  • Senses motion through walls, furniture and obstructions
  • Sensitivity easily adjusted to any level
  • Coverage up to 10,000 square feet per kit (depending on environment)
  • Easy integration to panels via normally-closed contacts
  • RF jamming detection
  • Two relays – one for motion and one for trouble
  • Multi-trigger option – multiple counts of motion within set period before triggering relays
  • Adjustable reaction time


  • High security areas
  • Aesthetically sensitive areas
  • Dirty environments
  • Cluttered environments

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