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Over the last 20 years, Wireless DIY Home Security systems were notoriously unreliable. This is due to the fact that they produced several false alarms that many homeowners have to stop using them. However, in recent time, that’s all changed. Today, you can easily buy DIY home security systems that are equipped with extremely reliable professional-grade wireless security equipment which are affordable and easy to install.

Why Wireless DIY Home Security?

DIY wireless home security gives you peace of mind, including total control of your home security. However, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. To help you make the right choices, we take a critical look at comprehensive mobile notifications, affordable equipment, and flexible professional monitoring to find the best Wireless DIY Home Security System that gives you the most control without you having to spend unnecessarily huge.

Advantages of using Wireless DIY Home Security system

There are many benefits of using Wireless DIY Home Security system, one of them is their independence on traditional phone lines; this means they can work without having to depend on the tradition phone line system. In the past years, professional burglars use a standard means of bypassing wired security systems by simply cutting the phone lines outside the house and then wait to see if the police are alarmed. After that, if nobody shows up, then they can freely penetrate the home without fear.

On the other hand, homeowners who make use of wireless home security system have nothing to worry about, as there are no external phone lines to cut.

Simplisafe Wireless DIY Home Security

Simplisafe is equipped with preprogrammed and wireless system that is designed to start working right out of the box without hardwiring; this feature makes using simplisafe DIY home security a snap. You can get started by simply plugging its hub, into an electrical outlet.

Simplisafe Wireless DIY Home Security kit includes the following pieces for easy use and enjoyment:

  • A base station (hub)
  • keypad
  • motion detector
  • keychain remote for easy arming and disarming
  • Video camera and a total of four door and window sensors.


Blink camera Wireless DIY Home Security

Another reliable wireless DIY home security system is Blink camera. This security devise makes use of wireless, Wi-Fi security camera system that operates with an internet connection and lithium double A batteries.

How does it work?

The cameras are made up of built-in sensors which when activated by motion, three different things will happen immediately.

  1. The alarm will go off.
  2. An alert will be sent to your Smartphone.
  3. Then a short video clip of the alarm event uploads to Blink’s cloud storage for your inspection.