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SimpliSafe works with Nest

SimpliSafe now ‘Works with Nest’

Great news from SimpliSafe!  They just announced that their alarm system now Works with Nest!  No more waiting for Nest’s fantastic auto-away feature to kick-in.  Now, when you set your alarm to away, Nest can automatically/instantaneously switch to Away Mode.  Set your alarm to home (or off) and Nest knows you’re home and goes back to Home mode.

This is a huge step forward for SimpliSafe.  We’re still waiting for IFTTT integration, but this is a big step in the right direction.

So far I love this features.  We often go in and out for short-ish periods of time, so Nest’s auto away wouldn’t always kick in before we got back.  This way, as soon as we leave and set the alarm, Nest knows we are away.   I’ve had 100% success and as I said above, this is a great step for SimpliSafe.

Here’s more from SimpliSafe:

Feel Safe. Save Energy. SimpliSafe Now Works with Nest.

SimpliSafe helps the Nest Thermostat learn when you’re home or away to make saving energy even simpler. When you arm SimpliSafe to leave home, SimpliSafe tells Nest Thermostat, so it knows it’s time to lower your energy use. When you come home and disarm SimpliSafe, Nest Thermostat knows you’re back and makes home cozy. Saving energy just got simpler.

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