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Blink Video Doorbell (coming soon!)

Great news!  For those of you who have been holding out on the Ring doorbell (due to price or other factors), Blink has just announced their very own video doorbell for just $99 (for existing customers).  It will work seamlessly with your existing Blink system.

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Video Doorbell Features

Live View

2-Way Audio

Instant-On Motion Detection

Infrared Night Vision

Free Cloud Storage

2 Year Battery Life

Wire Free

Easy Setup

Weather Proof

Mobile App

Video Alerts

HD Video

Answer Your Door From Home or Away

Always appear like you’re home whether you’re upstairs or across the globe. See and speak to anyone at your door with live video and two way audio, or be notified of lurkers with instant-on motion-activated alerts right to your smartphone.

Blink Video Doorbell With 2 Way Audio

Stylish Design with Multiple Color Options

Works With Existing Blink Systems

Already an existing Blink customer? No problem! The Blink Video Doorbell can be added in seconds just like any other Blink security device. Just scan the barcode and go!

Blink Video Doorbell

Add-On for existing customers

Blink Video Doorbell System

Video Doorbell Starter System

Add-On Doorbell Chime

Battery-powered Doorbell Chime

Will it Work With My Existing Blink System?

YES! The Blink Video Doorbell is just another device. It will have a unique serial number and QR code for you to add it to an existing Blink System.

What Equipment do I need to Make it Work?

You will need at least a Blink Video Doorbell and a Blink Sync Module for the doorbell. Existing customers will only need the doorbell and can add it to an existing system.

NOTE: Like our cameras, the Blink Video Doorbell requires 2 AA 1.5V Lithium batteries for stand-alone or use with your existing home wiring. NO Alkaline batteries should be used.

When Will it be Available?

The Blink Video Doorbell is expected to be available in the coming months.

Does it Have 2-Way Audio?

YES! The Blink Video Doorbell has the ability for you to have a conversation with people at your door through our 2-way audio feature.

What Type of Batteries Does it Require?

Like our cameras, the Blink Video Doorbell requires 2 AA 1.5V Lithium batteries for stand-alone or use with your existing home wiring. NO Alkaline batteries should be used.

Does it Come in Different Colors?

YES! The Blink Video Doorbell will ship with a Black and a Silver clip on cover. Customers will have the option to purchase a White and Bronze trim color option as well.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Like our indoor and outdoor cameras, we expect the batteries to last up-to 2 years with typical use. However, we are in the process of testing and will release an update when complete.

Can I connect the Blink Video Doorbell on My Existing Home Wiring?

YES! Almost all existing home doorbell wiring will be able to connect to the doorbell through the simple connection of 2 wires to the back of the doorbell unit. This way, it will be able to ring your existing chime when the button is pressed.

It will also extend the life of the batteries on the Blink Video Doorbell. However, you will NOT be able to run the doorbell on the home wiring alone. 2 AA 1.5V Lithium batteries are required for the Doorbell to work.

How do I Install the Blink Video Doorbell?

The Blink Video Doorbell will have a small plate that you will screw to the wall next to your door. You will then insert the 2 AA 1.5V Lithium batteries, scan the QR code with your Blink App to activate it and then click the doorbell on to that plate. There is a security screw that will hold it in place that requires a special tool. Once complete – that is it!

Optionally, you can also connect the wires from an existing traditional home doorbell system to 2 simple screws inside of the back of the wall plate before attaching to the door frame. This will allow the doorbell to ring your home chime and also extend the life of the required AA 1.5V lithium batteries.

Are There Monthly Fees?

We do not charge monthly fees to access the data recorded on your video doorbell.

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