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Add-on Panic Siren for Blink Systems

Blink, in an effort to turn themselves into an actual home security system, rather than just a security camera company, has released a panic siren.

While we love Blink, and we love the concept of a panic siren, it has to be activated via the app which, during a true emergency, might not be the best idea.  That being said, there’s certainly no harm in adding this to your existing Blink setup, especially as it only costs $50.

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Scare the Intruder Away!
The Blink Panic Siren for Blink Camera Systems is a wireless, battery-operated siren that you activate through your Blink iOS or Android App with just the tap of a button. Simply tap the siren button in your app from anywhere in the world to trigger the loud, ear-piercing 105 decibel sound that will scare away any intruder. You can even add multiple sirens to a single system to cover larger homes or multiple floors.

How do I Activate the Panic Siren?

The Panic Siren button, when added to a system, will appear on the home screen, live video view and recorded clip view. Tap the button to turn it on and click it again to turn it off. It will sound for up to 5 minutes but can be configured for shorter periods.

Does the Manual Panic Siren Sound Automatically with Motion?

No. Only the account owner can activate it to scare away danger manually from within the app.

Can I add the Panic Siren to My Existing Blink System?

Yes! It is just another Blink device like your camera. You can add as many as you need within the 10 device limit of each system.

I Have a Large House/Townhome/Office. How Many Will I Need?

The Blink Panic Siren is perfect for a small home or single floor. You should consider 1 per floor for larger homes or for multiple locations. For example, one at the front door and one in your garage.

Will it Work Outside?

The Blink Panic Siren is not designed for outdoor use.

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